Why Luni is a bad developer (M O O N L I G H T)

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The Leaving Neverland of Gacha Life

"Why Luni is a bad developer" is a video uploaded by《D☆iley~Rise》(Originally called Cookie Dough and M O O N L I G H T) in July 2021. In this video, M O O N L I G H T would explain why Luni, the creator of the Gacha series, is a bad developer and accusing him of Gacha Heat. Due to the negative reception of the video, it was deleted a few months after.

Why It Sucks[edit | edit source]

Note: Despite the video being filled with nitpicky, frivolous and petty reasons, please refrain any ill will form of harassment towards M O O N L I G H T, as she does not deserve this despite her poor research. She is too against Gacha Heat and the toxic side of the Gacha community. It would also violate Miraheze's Content Policy. Anyone who does that will be dealt with.

  1. The main criticism is that this video is filled with frivolous, petty and nitpicky claims, and most of them aren't even Luni's fault, but rather, the toxic community. Not to mention, Luni didn't knew that Gacha Heat would run rampant and it's nearly impossible to handle a giant community like the Gacha one. Because of how frivolous these claims are, it caused many issues that are mentioned below.
  2. One of the most infamous claims in this video is when she shows a kid blushing when seeing a cookie. She claims that is Gacha Heat, even though it's just a kid eating a cookie.
  3. Some of the claims are also unrealistic
  4. This pretty much duped out in people believing that Luni is responsible for Gacha Heat. Some examples include:
    • Another note: We're not saying that people that believe this video are bad people. Some of them are actually good. It's just their opinion in believing if Luni is a bad developer or not.
    1. 「 xZike _RAP 」[1]
    2. • ‘’ Emxox ,,-! 🦋 ꧂ [2]
    3. ItsGrace (presumably) [3]
    4. Galactic_Yukii [4]

Redeeming Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. Despite there are people believing in the video, there are thankfully other people that didn't believe in the accusations. Some examples include:
    1. —Omenツ [5]
    2. •potato Head• [6]
    3. Newtella :0 [7]
    4. Lylia [8]
    5. Shuniv_ (albeit she was very harsh). [9]

Reception[edit | edit source]

The video initially had a positive reception. Most of the people believed that the claims were true, leading to them spreading hate towards Luni. However, after some GachaTubers reacted to the video and debunked the accusations, the video would later receive a divisive reception until it would become negative, leading to《D☆iley~Rise》deleting her video.

References[edit | edit source]

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