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NOTE: This is a rework of the Gacha community page, to make it good and long enough.

"If the homophobia scares you, welcome to Gacha Heat" — SomeOrdinaryGamers's sarcastic line

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Gacha is a video game franchise created by Lunime. It has a community of fans and content creators. Back in 2015-2017, the Gacha community was pretty obscure or basically non-existent due to the fact that older Gacha games simply didn't fit for mini movies. That is until 2018, when Gacha Life was released to the public and was considered a massive success for Lunime themselves and is considered one of the most popular apps on Google Play. Thanks to the popularity of the game, it spawned a huge community who would make tons of videos using the aforementioned app. 2018 was considered by many the Golden Age of the Gacha Community due to the huge creativity. 2019 was considered by people the start of a small decline of the community due to the content becoming somewhat more mature and kickstarted the notorious sexual content that is Gacha Heat and the videos were lazier and attempted to make dark videos with serious topics (such as suicide, bullying and abuse) with obvious fails, but it was still considered a decent year and is also considered part of the Golden Age. Since 2020, however, the Gacha community suffered from a massive downfall that severely gave the Gacha franchise by Lunime an extremely bad reputation due to the frequent use of Gacha Heat (which alone violates YouTube's TOS because it explicitly states that sexualization of childrens' game will result in a termination), annoying and obnoxious stereotypes, "edgy" videos, controversial trends and so on, which gave the Gacha community a reputation of being one of the worst and most toxic communities of all time.

Why It's Not Gacha Anymore

  1. The biggest and most important problem with the community is that most of the videos are about one disgusting and abhorrent content: Gacha Heat. Although this started back in 2019, it worsened in 2020 when many people noticed that YouTube and TikTok are too lazy to check which content is published or not and also because of the algorithm, it's really easy to exploit it and publish this content.
    • And the idea itself of pornography recreated in Gacha is disgusting and extremely bad, even outside of these two websites, because not only it's sexualization of a children's game, but it can also fool kids into believing they're watching something safe when in reality, they're not.
  2. Another most infamous thing of the community is the insane amount of cringe content, that can be absolutely atrocious or downright hilarious, and due to how big the community is, it will probably never stop. For the record, on Reddit, there was a subreddit called r/GachaLifeCringe, which consisted of people posting cringe Gacha content they find on TikTok and YouTube and it gained 342k members before it was shut down. This shows how awful the community is.
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  7. The community is extremely offensive often tackles serious subjects with no research and comes off as tasteless.
    1. The community makes absolutely abhorrent content related to serious subjects but the problem is that they barely make any research to properly understand.
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  9. One of the biggest problems with the community is trends.
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Redeeming Qualities

  1. Thankfully, YouTube and TikTok noticed this and decided to take down various videos containing inappropriate content, though the latter was a failure.

Bad GachaTubers

NOTE: Please refrain any ill will form of harassment towards these GachaTubers. Not only it would violate the Content Policy, but it's also not worth beating on some dead horses. Anyone who does that, will be dealt with.

  • Kailah gaming (the most infamous example, banned) - Posts cringe videos, can't take criticism, makes various memes about serious topics, hates Astri-Nomical because she's black, makes fake exposing videos and faked her death multiple times.
  • gacha_queen 424 (another infamous example, active) - Bullies her innocent OCs, can't take criticism by insulting legitimate criticism.
  • Savage_Cupcake00 (Active) - Claimed that an user is homophobic just because they criticized their video of Deku x Bakugou and misunderstands sexualities.
  • Nehema Rahman (Active) - Makes intentional clickbait thumbnails that can actually trigger people and very immature towards criticism.
  • LenTotally (banned) - It was discovered that he's a pedophile.

Good GachaTubers

  • RosyClozy (The most famous example, active) - Known to make a web series with a great animation.
  • Milyie (Another most famous example, active) - Handles serious topics very well and makes great animated videos.
  • Rosie and Maria (Active) - They make Miraculous videos that are faithful to the source material, decent editing and the characters (for the most part) kept their charm. However, they can make occasional clickbait and replaced some characters, most notably Marinette's father.
  • ImNotReal (Active) - A FNaF GachaTuber that cares about her fans, makes videos that are either funny or serious and stays very faithful to the source material.
  • 「 xZike _RAP 」 (Active) - a GachaTuber who rants towards other GachaTubers with plausible reasons, can take criticism, makes decent jokes and criticized the hatred towards the Gacha Muslim community. Sadly, he recently got hacked into a propaganda channel.




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