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The "Fandoms react to videos" are a popular genre in the Gacha community. The whole purpose is for characters from various pieces of medias to react to videos (ranging from edits to animation memes).

Why They Suck

  1. First off, the whole idea of characters reacting to videos is simply weird and bizarre, because you would never know how they would react to them. Also, they're not real, they're fictional, when the whole purpose of reaction is watching the video in real time and watching people's reactions.
  2. They repeat a lot of mistakes that are common in the already infamous reaction content, which are mentioned below.
  3. These videos, rather than just making parts where they would actually react and give actual insight (similar to H3H3's 2016 reaction videos), they would just play the entire videos altogether. This was despised because it's considered content thief in disguise.
  4. Recycled reactions: Some videos just keep using the same reactions over and over again, without any change.