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When a simple mini movie gets milked for money and views.

Gacha Life Mini Movies, Movies and Gacha Life Series (the former being simply called GLMM) are mini movies, movies and web series made with Gacha Life and Gacha Club. They rised in popularity back in 2019 and 2020, and they're still relevant to this day, although not as much as back then, due to the popularity of memes. Despite getting massive amount of views, these types of videos are endlessly mocked for a variety of reasons, which are explained in this page.

Why They Mostly Suck[edit | edit source]

NOTE: Not all mini movies are bad, in fact, there are good GLMMs. This page will talk why GLMMs are infamous. Also, please refrain any ill will form of harassment. It will violate Miraheze's Content Policy. Anyone who does that will be dealt with.

  1. Quantity over quality: This is the main problem with the mini movies. Rather than making something well-written and original with well-written characters, these videos tend to be extremely rushed, with no proper buildup, filled with stereotypical characters that make characters like Thumbelina by Don Bluth look fleshed out in comparison.
  2. They popularized the cliché tropes that have become synonymous in the Gacha videos, such as the "spoiled brat" and the "abused protagonist", "the hated child" and more.
  3. Another main issue is the lack of original characters. Most of the characters are clichéd, with them being nothing but pure stereotypes. They barely have any character development, and even when they do have, it's mostly rushed, with no buildup, and feels like it was added at the last minute.
  4. Abysmal runtime. The main reason why they call mini movies is because most of them are short. But the problem is that they're way too short, even for mini-movie standards. As a result, mini movies tend to be rushed, and character developments barely happens at all, and it gets added at the last minute. Most of these mini movies are 10 minutes, when a mini movie should be at least 30-45 minutes.
  5. The plots are a mixed bag. They can range from fascinating and pretty original to idiotic, unoriginal, laughable and clichéd.
  6. These videos are also notorious for fetishizing the LGBTQ+ relationships, to the point of being tiresome and creepy. Gotcha Gatcha Yuri is a notable example of fetishizing this content.
  7. Laughable, idiotic, awful and horrendous dialogue that goes against the realism.
  8. Even when a good and original premise was used, it doesn't get properly fleshed out and tons of issues start to get rampant.
  9. Sometimes they can even take memes that would be long like 30 seconds and pad them into full-fledged Gacha Life movies. Most of these videos are nothing but filler that have no impact in these videos.

Redeeming Qualities[edit | edit source]

  1. There are still good GLMMs, Movies and Series out on YouTube, especially web series like The Music Freaks (one of the best Gacha series on YouTube).
  2. While most of the mini movies are considered lazy, some of them do genuinely have good ideas, and it's clear they wanted to do something unique.

How To Make a Good Gacha Life Movie, Mini Movie or Series[edit | edit source]

  1. Before making the videos, always write something before making them, like if you want to write a good story with good dialogue, write a script first.
  2. When you make main characters, don't constantly use generic tropes like "the hated child", and instead, develop more round characters. Even if you want to use these tropes, expand them, make them more round.
  3. 10 minute mini movies will never work, because the length is too low, and there won't be enough room for character development, world building and more. Instead, make it at least 45 minutes, or make a series with each episode reaching the 10 minute mark, not a mini movie.

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