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Gacha Heat
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Probably one of the worst examples of "mh:rottenwebsites:It's made for kids" after mh:rottenwebsites:Elsagate.

Gacha Heat is sexual Gacha content. This content is often considered as one of the worst contents in the Gacha community and made it infamous because of this.

Why It Sucks[edit | edit source]

  1. Gacha is supposed to be for kids, so making sexual Gacha content is creepy and overall not a good idea.
  2. The sex scenes are unpleasant and uncomfortable to watch, especially when most of the time is weird poses and naked OCs.
  3. What's even worse is that children also make this type of content.
  4. If that wasn't enough, these are extremely rampant on TikTok (no surprise since the platform has poor moderation), disguising as high-quality videos and then doing stuff that is extremely perverted. Also typing "g" in the YouTube search box causes Gacha Heat (with a flushed emoji) to appear in the results. You can't even type game without seeing this!
  5. Because of this videos, it quickly flipped the community’s reputation upside down. Unfortunately, due to the impact, instead of for actually good content, many recognise the Gacha community being a Gacha Heat Cesspool.

Videos[edit | edit source]

Yes, even SomeOrdinaryGamers talked about this.

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