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This is basically Elsagate in Gacha; how hasn't YouTube deleted them yet?

The Gacha community is infamous for various kinds of things, such as Gacha Heat, bad stories, toxic users, drama, and so on. However, one of the biggest issues with the Gacha community is that they often make videos containing abuse, rape, and bullying, and they're still going to this very day.

Why They're Abusive in the Worst Way Possible[edit | edit source]

IMPORTANT NOTE: These videos are highly controversial for rape and other abusive content as well as disrespecting victims who actually suffered from sexual abuse and bullying, so no redeeming qualities will be added to this page. Anyone who adds any will have their edits reverted.

  1. First off, the very concept of Gacha videos containing these serious topics is atrocious, messed up, and overall, not a good idea because these are serious topics, and go against the kid friendly nature of Gacha Life.
  2. Like Gacha Heat, these videos are against YouTube's TOS since the company itself has a policy for no bullying.
  3. These videos are extremely disrespectful to victims who actually suffered from sexual abuse and bullying.
  4. The domestic violence in these videos is poorly represented and goes way too over-the-top. It's so over-the-top it goes beyond unrealism. GachaTubers who make these try to defend with the excuse that it's supposed to spread awareness, but this proves otherwise.
  5. They plague a lot of Gacha Life Mini Movies, Movies and Series who talk about abuse as a way to make it sad and edgy; however, it ends up being laughable at best, and infuriating at worst.
  6. The animation is disgusting in these videos.
  7. A lot of child abuse and pedophilia is shown in these videos, and they're not uncommon.
  8. They try way too hard to be edgy and dark due to them having massive amounts of blood, but it instead comes off as laughable.
  9. Despite not being as infamous as Gacha Heat, it still played a part in damaging the community’s reputation severely.

Reception[edit | edit source]

This type of content receieved unanimously negative thoughts by the community because it is extremely disrespectful to actual victims of these topics as well as being beyond unfitting in these kids' games. Despite that, the content has been very successful and become one of the most popular types of videos in the Gacha community.

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